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Independent Print Audit Specialists complete 7 years in business

When Stephen Taylforth left Sharp Electronics 7 years ago to set up Management Consultancy firm PUROSolutions he had no idea that he would find himself at the centre of the Independent Print Audit Industry.

PUROSolutions Limited are one of only a small number of Independent Print Audit companies, competing with global giants such as Xerox, Canon and Ricoh to deliver Print Audits to clients looking to optimise or replace their existing printer fleets.

PUROSolutions undertake a comprehensive manual audit of all print, copy, fax and scanning devices and perform a forensic analysis of all relevent purchase data to establish the baseline costs before a selection of effective Solution Designs are presented.  Graphical floor plans show the current and future state layouts.

PUROSolutions compete because they are independent and they don’t sell hardware or software which make them truly independent and provides transparency when dealing in the Public Sector.

In the last 12 months PUROSolutions have been awarded a place on the Government Procurement Framework RM1599 providing Print Audits to Public Sector Clients and more recently won one of only 6 places on the CBC Framework Agreement.

In the last 12 months we have audited two large colleges including Belfast’s largest, two Universities, one of the countries largest Housing Associations, a food processing company with a dozen factories, two high security mental hospitals, a small District Council, a Petro-Chemical company and three schools.

PUROSolutions have also produced tender documents enabling a reseller to win a lucrative contract with  city center solicitors and another win a large education contract to supply MFP’s and printers along with a service contract for 20M pages.

Eaton Smith – Business of the Month Award

PUROSolutions Limited are proud to have been awarded the Eaton Smith – Business of the Month for Wakefield, Kirklees and Calderdale for December 2012.

This was a great finish to a busy year.

PUROSolutions Ltd Award

Names award

If you would like information with regards to an Independent Print Audit simply give me a call on 07940 585376 or drop me an email at

Stephen Taylforth

Today’s Mail On-Line, highlighting the cost of printing, again…

Check out THIS article in the Mail today

The article re-emphasises the points first made over 10 years ago.
Mail online

‘Reading, writing and rip-offs’

Many people watching the Panorama programme, ‘Reading, writing and rip-offs’ on BBC on Monday 24th September would have been shocked by what they saw. Others who work within the Copier, Printer and IT industry were probably not surprised, and some of us were disappointed that more copier and printer suppliers were not named and shamed within the programme.

For those of you that didn’t see it the programme, it highlighted examples of schools signing up to agreements for IT and photocopier equipment believing that they were getting a very cheap, or even a free, deal only to find out that they had been conned. In one case a copier with a cost of around £10,000 actually ended up costing nearly £175,000.

Having worked in the copier and printer industry for 30 years, I remember the MMC investigations of the late 80’s early 90’s. Unfortunately, many things have not changed and many organisations are being duped into signing contracts that cost their organisations dearly, as well as costing the public purse.

As an Independent Print Audit Specialist and Managed Print Services Consultant I am all too familiar with the dodgy deals currently being done by some of these suppliers.

I was hoping that that these sharp practises and dodgy deals were to be exposed on the Panorama programme but the programme focused on dodgy laptop deals and only gave a brief mention to the Photocopier deal mentioned above.

I guess this could be a programme for the future!!!

The BBC programme implied that the current Government and cost cutting culture has created the environment to allow this to happen, however, these deals have been going on for years.

Some Head Teachers are now paying the price with their jobs with some schools owing as much as £1.9M on these dodgy deals. There are no doubt many schools that have been duped and are simply living with the costs until the deals can be settled.

PUROSolutions Limited are proud to have been awarded a place on the Framework Agreement RM1599 for Lot 4 Print Audit Services by the Government Procurement Service, in collaboration with YPO and ESPO.

The GPS Framework agreement provides Public Sector bodies peace of mind knowing that the Framework has approved consultancy companies for Print Audits and Managed Print Services Consultancy along with Approved Equipment Suppliers.

If you wish to speak in confidence then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on 07940585376.

PUROSolutions awarded a place on the Framework Agreement RM1599……

PUROSolutions Limited are proud to announce that they have been awarded a place on the Framework Agreement RM1599, for Lot 4 Print Audit Services, by the Government Procurement Service, in collaboration with YPO and ESPO.

Print Audit & Managed Print Service Training

PUROSolutions Limited have been delivering Print Audit Training to both End Users and Resellers for over 5 years but recent months has seen a dramatic increase in Print Audit and Managed Print Services Training requests from the Reseller Network. PURO Academy Logo

PUROSolutions are now delivering at least 1 course per month.

Our most recent courses have involved Sales Managers and Pre-Sales Specialists who have already conducted Print Audits in various guises.

All attendees benefited from seeing how an Independent Print Audit Specialist went about undertaking a full Print Audit, Baseline of the Costs and Solution Design, and how the findings were presented in Report Format.

For more information please contact Stephen Taylforth on 07940 585376

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

PUROSolutions would like wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

We look forward to delivering more Independent Print Audits in 2012 reducing your print costs and improving your operational efficiency.

Independent Print Audits

As a totally Independent Print Audit Specialist I feel am becoming and endangered species, as more and more Print Consultancies take the option of plying their trade with hardware vendors.
PURO Academy Logo
Most vendors are now undertaking Print Audits as a sales tool to  replace the existing client equipment with new equipment.

Thankfully there are still many clients that value an independent audit with an honest and transparent assessment of baseline costs in order to assist in their decision making process.

PUROSolutions would like to hear from like minded Independent Print Audit Companies (UK) who would welcome the opportunity to work together on a number of Print Audit projects.  I would also like to hear from anyone who would be interested in installing Print Management Software on an ad hoc basis.




Print Audit Master Class

PUROSolutions Limited are one of the few Independent Print Audit Specialists with no ulterior motives of selling software or hardware.

Last month’s successful Print Audit Master Class will be followed up with Master Classes scheduled every month from December 2011.

If you are a reseller looking to deliver print audits to both new and existing clients and would like to learn about the most effective Print Audit methodology then please contact me for details on our bespoke training packages tailored to suit your needs.

A full support package is available following the training with assistance provided on your first few audits.

Print Audit Templates and sample reports are provided on the training course.

Courses start from as little as £149 per person per Master Class.
PURO Academy Logo
For more details please email me at, or call me on 07940585376.

Our Print Audit Academy has been in operation since 2006.

PUROSolutions ‘5 Year Celebration’ offer

PUROSolutions Limited are a Northern based Independent Print Audit specialist company who have been delivering cost savings and efficiency improvements across all industry sectors over the last 5 Years. PURO Academy Logo

All our Print Audits start with the collection of Network Printer Data using the PUROSolutions Print Assessment USB Key.

The key is based on the Callisto Technology and offers the best value on the market at only £189.

As part of our 5 Years Celebration we are offering a combined USB Key offer and Print Audit Training Session for less than the cost of some of the Print Audit keys on the market.

If you are not already delivering Print Audits as a means of generating sales or undertaking a Print Audit as a means of delivering savings, then PUROSolutions can offer bespoke training sessions on-site providing you or your staff with the knowledge and confidence to deliver your own audits.

Stephen Taylforth MBA has 28 years experience in the copier and printer industry offering independent confidential support to you and your customer.

If you prefer, we can minimise our involvement by simply producing a report based on data collected by your staff.

Our public sector clients include the Metropolitan Police Authority, Leicestershire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Calderdale Council, Wokingham Borough Council, Boston MBC and Hull City Council as well as private sector clients such as YELL Group plc, GAME Group plc and London’s oldest Chartered Accountants, Saffery Champness who have offices across the UK.

Leicestershire County Council won one of the top 3 County Awards for their Printer Optimisation project at the 2010 SOPO Awards.

We have just completed a large Audit for Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust and that involved a full Print Audit of Rampton High Security Mental Hospital.

We have also just completed a Print Audit project for a large West Yorkshire Grammar School and currently working on a project for one of the Countries top Museums.

We have been supplying Print Assessment Keys to a number of Corporate Clients and to resellers across the country but our ‘5 Year Celebration’ offer is the first time Print Audit training and Report Writing has been offered in such a competitive package.

PURO Academy Logo

1 x PUROSolutions Print Audit Key plus 1 x Print Audit Training session at your site is available from only £375.

1 x PUROSolutions Print Audit Key plus Telephone Support and data analysis for your first customer for only £189.

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For more info please call Stephen on 07940 585376 or


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