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What is a Print Audit?

Why should I undertake a Print Audit?
Identify print and copy costsPURO Academy Logo
Improve Operational Efficiency
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Reduce Print and Copy costs
A free no obligation assessment is on offer to all companies. m: 07940 585376

What is a Print Audit?
A print audit will establish the volume of print, copy and fax produced across the organisation and more importantly the cost. The costs are base lined, including all the hidden and intangible costs.

PUROSolutions then produce a Report, Strategy and Solution Design based on the findings.

What does it cost?
PUROSolutions are totally independent and vendor neutral. That means the costs are accurately calculated with no ulterior motives.
A Free Assessment is undertaken. If we can save you money, a quotation is provided, along with a project scope and an indication of the potential savings.
If you prefer, PUROSolutions will do the work for free and you only pay a percentage of your savings. Either way there is no risk. If you know approximately how many devices you have we can provide a cost per device for a Full Print Audit, Report and Solution Design.

How much can I save?
As cost vary so will savings, PUROSolutions have identified that over the last 5 years clients have been able to save around 30 % in direct cost savings. Most companies do not realise what they are spending in total and are shocked when they are presented with the data.

Print Audit Master Class
PUROSolutions are offering Print Audit Master Classes to all Companies and individuals.
The ‘first of its kind’ Master Classes provide valuable information on the techniques and methodology required to baseline your costs and produce a Print Management Strategy.

The Master classes can be booked directly by emailing:
PURO Academy Logo
or calling direct on
m: 07940 585376.

Why Choose PUROSolutions?

Why PUROSolutions Limited?

PUROSolutions Limited are Totally Independent Print Audit specialists delivering Solution Designs, focusing on cost reduction, efficiency improvements, enhanced security and minimising the environmental impact.
PURO Academy Logo

PUROSolutions do not supply Hardware or Print Management Software nor are they aligned to any Hardware or Print Management Software Suppliers ensuring full transparency through the procurement process, a key factor when securing tender business in a competitive market.

The company have been delivering Independent Print Audits and Management Solutions for over 4 years and success has been achieved at a number of prestigious clients where true independence and transparent reporting were overriding requirements.

Our clients include the 2009 Council of the Year, Leicestershire County Council, Wokingham Borough Council, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Hull City Council and the Corporate organisation YELL Group, the International Directories Company, responsible for and Yellow pages.

Saffery Champness, London’s oldest Chartered Accountants recognise the savings and efficiency improvements following Audits across their 11 sites.

Within the last 12 months audits have been completed at the Metropolitan Police Authority with 20 sites Audited across Greater London. The Police Authority are reported to have agreed a £32M contract over 5 years.

Another recent audit includes GAME Group plc headquarters in Basingstoke. GAME Group plc are Europe’s leading pc and video games retailer with over 1,400 stores.

The PUROSolutions team Audited around 1,500 units across 11 sites for Nottinghamshire County Council which represents a sample size of around 40% of their total machine base. The project will culminate in a solution design aimed at a reduction in printed output, fewer, but more efficient devices delivering increased productivity.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust are the latest Public Sector organisation to undergo a Print Audit at 4 of their sites including the High Security Mental Hospital Rampton. The Trust has taken on board all recommendations and this gone to tender for a new fleet of devices at the 4 sites which will culminate in direct cost savings in excess of 35%.

Having completed Print Audits and Solution Designs, PUROSolutions have extended their service to many of their clients delivering support services through proof of concept and implementation.

Stephen Taylforth has a CRB certification and has recently undergone the most stringent security checks for the Met Police and Rampton Audits. He is also active on the Project Board at Leicestershire County Council and Wokingham Borough Council.

“Our aim is to continue to deliver best value, manual print audits, whilst maintaining our vendor neutral status, ensuring we are the chosen supplier when independence is the key requirement”, says Stephen Taylforth, the Company Owner and Business Solutions Consultant.

PUROSolutions add the NHS to their portfolio of clients.

PUROSolutions have recently audited a large NHS Trust with a sample of 900 machines across 3 sites in order to establish the shape of the printer fleet and to baseline the current costs. PURO Academy Logo

December has therefore once again proved to be a demanding month to ensure all the reports and documentation was completed.

We are about to undertake a further Print Audit at a large Grammar School and hope to have this project completed by the end of January.

Leicestershire County Council’s SOPO Award for their Print Audit has generated interest from other Councils looking for similar success.

We are still offering no obligation meetings, free of charge, to explain how we can deliver savings to your organisation, and we are still offering a free trial on our Print Assessment USB Key, at only £189 it is the cheapest on the market and offers outstanding value for money.

Leicestershire County Council win SOPO Award for Print Project

Leicestershire County Council achieved a top 3 award in the County Council category at the SOPO Public Sector Procurement Awards for their Printer Optimisation Project, at the Gala Dinner, at the Grand Hotel in Brighton (November 2010). PUROSolutions Limited have been working with the Council since 2007 initially undertaking a Print Audit at their County Hall site and a couple of remote site audits before producing a solution design aimed at cost savings and efficiency improvements.PURO Academy Logo

Continued work as a Member of the Project Board involved assistance with the Business Case, Proof of Concept and Implementation.

The Council had the accolade of being awarded the Council of the Year 2009 and the printer optimisation project work was scrutinised by the audit commission with a view of sharing ideas across other public sector organisations.

The Council have implemented a follow-me approach for printing utilising colour enabled devices with tight controls to ensure all Business Needs are met with a single device.

PUROSolutions are proud to be associated with such a professional forward thinking project team and the award at the SOPO Gala Dinner was just reward for the hard work and commitment of the team.

Busy run-up to Christmas

It looks like it’s going to be a busy run up to Christmas similar to last year. Last December’s Print Audit work culminated in a reported £30M+ tender contact for the client. PURO Academy Logo

I hope the winning supplier appreciated the work that went into the Print Audit across all those sites!!!!

I hope we can finish the year at a more relaxed pace than last year and we have more than a couple of shopping days to Christmas this year.

The SOPO Annual Conference is on the 16th November and PUROSolutions will be attending for the 1st time and look forward to meeting Council representatives from across the country. The excellent work undertaken at a number of Councils is now being recognised through the grapevine and a number of referrals and recommendations are helping considerably. The approach taken by Leicestershire County Council is being closely monitored by other Councils looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency in desktop print.

Further clients from a variety of sectors including Local Government, Defence, Education and Health could be benefiting shortly from Savings following Print Audits and new Print Solution Designs.

MPS is beginning to dominate the Print Industry

MPS has been adopted as a sales tool by most printer and MFP manufacturers and larger resellers as the modern way of shifting boxes with improved profit margins.PURO Academy Logo

Many large clients are handing over ownership of their printer and photocopier fleets with the expectations of saving money without first baselining their costs.

Organisations will find out the hard way once they realise the new MPS costs, unless a tight control is maintained internally.

I have seen large Councils enter into MPS contracts without even the true knowledge of the fleet numbers never mind the the volumes.

Many of the MPS deals remind me of the return of the Copyplan era of the 80’s and the eventual investigations by the MMC commission.

It will be interesting to see the full impact on the market in years to come.

Where has 2010 Gone???

PUROSolutions have had a very busy start to 2010 and before we know it, February has been and gone. More Clients are looking for transparency and independence and we have secured an audit contract that will keep some of us busy throughout March and April.PURO Academy Logo

A Print Audit at a London company introduced us to a totally new industry sector and the security clearance we obtained back in November enabled us to convince the client on our security credentials prior to undertaking the audit.

The current project is progressing well and after a week on site we are pleased with our progress.

More and more Public Sector Organisations are looking to us for advice prior to engaging our services and we have a number of interesting clients in the pipeline.

Print Management Software continues to be a challenge for some organisations to implement due to the high levels of security and risk policies now in place. Our Manual Print Audit processes allows us to ensure we are able to acquire the necessary data from multiple sources.

We are keen to hear from any other organisation wanting to discuss Independent Print Audits.

December has finished on a real high….

December has finished on a real high with the completion of a manual print audit at a prestigious multi-site client in London. PURO Academy Logo

The demand on Independent Print Audits has continued to increase as all hardware suppliers are promoting audits and using audit results as a sales tool. As a result PUROSolutions are sense checking an increasing number of supplier led audits with some intriguing results.

2010 promises to be an exciting year and the team are looking forward to more challenges.

Finally we would like to thank all our clients for their support over 2009 and wish them continued success in 2010.

It’s been a few weeks….

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. It’s been a challenging few weeks with a PURO Academy Logo of audits over different industry sectors. Nevertheless we have managed to deliver on a number of key milestones.

Independent Print Audit companies like ourselves have become increasingly busy since Print Audit awareness has been increased by many non-independent companies promoting and using print audits purely as a sales tool for their own equipment.

Our web activity continues to increase and our pipeline is strong approaching the final month of 2009.

A number of Print Audit Academy seminars will commence in the North from mid January and our marketing team will be looking to arrange seminars throughout 2010 as a way of generating awareness of spiralling print costs and as a method of promoting our services and good work.

Interesting talks continue this week a on a number of fronts.

If you you like to talk about independent print assessments then please give me a call.

PUROSolutions increase their print assessment activity.

The last week has proved to be an eventful week. Whilst waiting PURO Academy Logo for confirmation on a couple of substantial pieces of work, a couple more print assessments at prestigious companies arrived unexpectedly. The added bonus was that both clients are in different sectors, and therefore the success at each of them will lead to further work in those sectors.

The two Print Assessments will be undertaken as soon as possible so as to keep as many days as possible clear over the next 8 weeks. The couple of days spent in the south this week proved to be very productive and business relationships were further extended.

The art work for the full page advertisement in the Chamber Directory was completed on Friday and although the item was rushed to achieve the closing deadline, we are pleased with the results and look forward to receiving more business as a consequence.

Careful monitoring of website activity shows that work patterns appear to have changed over the last year with fewer Friday visitors to our websites. We not too worried about the Friday figures dropping providing the the overall weekly figure continues to rise at its current rate.

The Google ad campaign gathers momentum with increasing visitors month on month. That does mean that advertising costs also rise!!! Just hope revenue continues to rise in line.

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