‘Reading, writing and rip-offs’

Many people watching the Panorama programme, ‘Reading, writing and rip-offs’ on BBC on Monday 24th September would have been shocked by what they saw. Others who work within the Copier, Printer and IT industry were probably not surprised, and some of us were disappointed that more copier and printer suppliers were not named and shamed within the programme.

For those of you that didn’t see it the programme, it highlighted examples of schools signing up to agreements for IT and photocopier equipment believing that they were getting a very cheap, or even a free, deal only to find out that they had been conned. In one case a copier with a cost of around £10,000 actually ended up costing nearly £175,000.

Having worked in the copier and printer industry for 30 years, I remember the MMC investigations of the late 80’s early 90’s. Unfortunately, many things have not changed and many organisations are being duped into signing contracts that cost their organisations dearly, as well as costing the public purse.

As an Independent Print Audit Specialist and Managed Print Services Consultant I am all too familiar with the dodgy deals currently being done by some of these suppliers.

I was hoping that that these sharp practises and dodgy deals were to be exposed on the Panorama programme but the programme focused on dodgy laptop deals and only gave a brief mention to the Photocopier deal mentioned above.

I guess this could be a programme for the future!!!

The BBC programme implied that the current Government and cost cutting culture has created the environment to allow this to happen, however, these deals have been going on for years.

Some Head Teachers are now paying the price with their jobs with some schools owing as much as £1.9M on these dodgy deals. There are no doubt many schools that have been duped and are simply living with the costs until the deals can be settled.

PUROSolutions Limited are proud to have been awarded a place on the Framework Agreement RM1599 for Lot 4 Print Audit Services by the Government Procurement Service, in collaboration with YPO and ESPO.

The GPS Framework agreement provides Public Sector bodies peace of mind knowing that the Framework has approved consultancy companies for Print Audits and Managed Print Services Consultancy along with Approved Equipment Suppliers.

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