It’s been a few weeks….

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. It’s been a challenging few weeks with a PURO Academy Logo of audits over different industry sectors. Nevertheless we have managed to deliver on a number of key milestones.

Independent Print Audit companies like ourselves have become increasingly busy since Print Audit awareness has been increased by many non-independent companies promoting and using print audits purely as a sales tool for their own equipment.

Our web activity continues to increase and our pipeline is strong approaching the final month of 2009.

A number of Print Audit Academy seminars will commence in the North from mid January and our marketing team will be looking to arrange seminars throughout 2010 as a way of generating awareness of spiralling print costs and as a method of promoting our services and good work.

Interesting talks continue this week a on a number of fronts.

If you you like to talk about independent print assessments then please give me a call.

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