PUROSolutions increase their print assessment activity.

The last week has proved to be an eventful week. Whilst waiting PURO Academy Logo for confirmation on a couple of substantial pieces of work, a couple more print assessments at prestigious companies arrived unexpectedly. The added bonus was that both clients are in different sectors, and therefore the success at each of them will lead to further work in those sectors.

The two Print Assessments will be undertaken as soon as possible so as to keep as many days as possible clear over the next 8 weeks. The couple of days spent in the south this week proved to be very productive and business relationships were further extended.

The art work for the full page advertisement in the Chamber Directory was completed on Friday and although the item was rushed to achieve the closing deadline, we are pleased with the results and look forward to receiving more business as a consequence.

Careful monitoring of website activity shows that work patterns appear to have changed over the last year with fewer Friday visitors to our websites. We not too worried about the Friday figures dropping providing the the overall weekly figure continues to rise at its current rate.

The Google ad campaign gathers momentum with increasing visitors month on month. That does mean that advertising costs also rise!!! Just hope revenue continues to rise in line.

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