What is a Print Audit?

Why should I undertake a Print Audit?
Identify print and copy costsPURO Academy Logo
Improve Operational Efficiency
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Reduce Print and Copy costs
A free no obligation assessment is on offer to all companies.

http://www.printaudit.co.uk m: 07940 585376

What is a Print Audit?
A print audit will establish the volume of print, copy and fax produced across the organisation and more importantly the cost. The costs are base lined, including all the hidden and intangible costs.

PUROSolutions then produce a Report, Strategy and Solution Design based on the findings.

What does it cost?
PUROSolutions are totally independent and vendor neutral. That means the costs are accurately calculated with no ulterior motives.
A Free Assessment is undertaken. If we can save you money, a quotation is provided, along with a project scope and an indication of the potential savings.
If you prefer, PUROSolutions will do the work for free and you only pay a percentage of your savings. Either way there is no risk. If you know approximately how many devices you have we can provide a cost per device for a Full Print Audit, Report and Solution Design.

How much can I save?
As cost vary so will savings, PUROSolutions have identified that over the last 5 years clients have been able to save around 30 % in direct cost savings. Most companies do not realise what they are spending in total and are shocked when they are presented with the data.

Print Audit Master Class
PUROSolutions are offering Print Audit Master Classes to all Companies and individuals.
The ‘first of its kind’ Master Classes provide valuable information on the techniques and methodology required to baseline your costs and produce a Print Management Strategy.

The Master classes can be booked directly by emailing:
PURO Academy Logo

or calling direct on
m: 07940 585376.

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