PUROSolutions Limited developed the ‘first of its kind’ Print Audit Academy back in 2006.

The Academy has been delivering Print Audit Training to both the Reseller Network and also to Organisations with large numbers of Printers and MFDs at the mercy of their suppliers.

The Print Audit Academy provides companies with large numbers of printers and MFDs with the opportunity of developing knowledge and skills to undertake their own Print Audits, or effectively manage their own printer fleet across their own organisation.

Organisations no longer need to rely totally on their supplier to deliver a cost effective service or trust an ‘unvetted’ MPS proposal (Managed Print Service).  The Total Cost and Value of Ownership can now be calculated in-house.  The service has become even more valuable following the introduction of the MPS concept with so many suppliers supplying many variations of what is described as Managed Print Services in an effort to increase the profitability of their MFD and printer service.   The organisation decision makers can then decide on the right type of Printers or MFD’s to suit their needs.

PUTrainingROSolutions have developed the methodology to undertake efficient and effective Manual Print Audits and once the audit results are correlated with software data, a detailed Print Audit Report, Baseline of Costs and Solution Design is produced along with a Strategic Approach Document.

PUROSolutions share all their processes and methodology developed over 10+ years of Auditing and 30+ years of Copier and Printer experience in a series of Master Classes aimed at either End-Users or Reseller Sales and Technical staff.

The Master Classes also explain how to combine Print Audit data and Purchase and Procurement Data and transform the data into meaningful information, a Document Strategy, and Solution Design along with a strategic approach document.

Courses are available on request for either individuals or teams with courses tailored to suit your individual needs.

Don’t hesitate to call to discuss your requirements.

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