Detailed Financial Analysis

As part of our Print Audit process we analyse the Client purchasing data to to accurately baseline the current costs.  During recent Print Audits we have identified ‘anomalies’ in pricing on certain consumables.  This is only possible by accurately calculating the consumable yields based on actual client usage and identifying an average cost per page for each printer type.

Users must, periodically baseline their costs to identify if they are achieving best value and at the same time identify the accuracy in the supplier billing.

We identified clear ‘anomalies’ within the financial data analysed during 2 recent Print Audits.

After undertaking the analysis and identifying anomalies in consumable  pricing for one of our Print Audit clients negotiated a substantial reduction from their Consumable Framework Supplier.

Whist analysing MFD Lease and Click data within one of our other Clients we identified anomalies with lease costs, lease periods and duplication of billing for colour and mono click.

The billing anomalies identified are over £20K within a 12 month period.


These anomalies were identified during the routine analysis undertaken during our standard Print Audit process.

These are worrying facts when suppliers are offering Managed Print Services, and some of them can’t accurately bill lease and click costs!!!



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